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GNU WebSocket4J


GNU WebSocket4J implements an old version of the WebSocket protocol. I currently do not have time to update this library, contact me if you are interested in contributing an implementation of the new protocol and/or taking over this project.

What is GNU WebSocket4J?

GNU WebSocket4J is a WebSocket protocol implementation in Java. It allows you to build Web applications that interact with applications running on JVM. GNU WebSocket4J implements both server and client side of the protocol, so it can be used to build both WebSocket servers and clients.

GNU WebSocket4J is free software licensed under terms of GNU GPLv2 (or later) with linking exception. Feel free to modify and improve!

Where can I get it?

You can download GNU WebSocket4J releases from Launchpad. If you want the bleeding edge version, use GNU Bazaar:

bzr branch lp:websocket4j

GNU WebSocket4J Reference Manual in HTML format is available for download along the source from Launchpad, but it is also available in different formats here.

There are WebSocket implementations in Java already, why make a new one?

I needed something simple, something that could be used as easy as WebSockets in JavaScript. At the time when I started this library no Java implementations met my criteria, so I made my own.

Can I help?

Help is always welcome.

If you want to report a bug, it is easiest to use Launchpad’s web interface. If you prefer sending bug reports by email, you can use address. Please consult this guide to see how bug mail should be formatted.

Can I get help?

Launchpad provides a support tracker that can be reached here. There is also mailing list that you can use (you can subscribe here).

Show me some examples!

Example echo server and client are included in the distribution and in the Reference Manual. This examples are also available online: echo server, echo client.

I would like to see more resources about GNU WebSocket4J.